The Smart Workout Partner

Trackbar connects with any iron at home and your gym to track time, movement and speed. Enhance your workout experience with Trackbar.
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Trackbar Digital Gym Platform

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Multi weekly workout plans, complemented by Live-Workouts, build around one type of equipment and suited for all diff. levels of experience. That is the Trackbar Digital Gym Platform.
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The Smart Workout Partner

Making coaching easier, and training better.
Workout History
Browse through every workout you have ever done with the click of a finger.
Track Progress
Automatic stat updates after every workout helps you to stay on top of progress.
Optimise Workout Plans
Create bespoke workout routines for your clients based on their individual data and statistics.
Instant Communication
Give feedback whenever and wherever you are. Helping you manage your clients and your time. (coming this summer)
Sensor-Fusion Technology
Trackbar is determined to deliver outstanding performance. That is why we packed it with the latest technology.
Small, durable, light weight and 8 hours of battery life.
With our magnetic connection you can connect the Trackbar to any iron at the gym.
Tracks time, range of movement, speed.
Reliable data with our AI - Sensor - Fusion - Algorithms that combine data from accelerometers, gyroscopes and a pressure sensors.
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Are you a gym or organization?

We are making every iron at the gym smart.

Our purpose is to enhace the workout experience and transform the gym industry with the future in mind. Are your ready to be the gym which stands out?!
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Working out smart has never been easier. Make Trackbar your workout partner and monitor every repetition you perform. Share your data with your coach to receive perfect workout plans every single time.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Trackbar and what is it supposed to do?
Trackbar is a sensor that is attached to weight lifting equipment. Measuring critical parameters like speed and range of motion it provides the coach and the athlete with insights about the workout and the progress. Further, it offers communication tools to intensify the relationship between athlete and coach (coming this summer). For both parties trackbar offers the possibility to digitize the workout.
Which parameter will be measurable and how exactly does Trackbar work?
We are measuring e.g. the range of motion, speed and eccentric / concentric movement times. In addition to inertial measurement units (IMU) we fuse the data with the latest pressure sensors which makes our measurements even more precise.
What makes Trackbar different from other tracker
Trackbar offers gyms, coaches and athletes to monitor their progress easily. The Trackbar sensor is not only built for professional sports, it is designed to provide a solution for everyone from the gym newbie over physiotherapists to pro athletes. With the help of the latest technology we serve everyone with the data they need for their workout.
Can the Trackbar data be integrated into other apps?
It is our clear target to integrate our software into as many existing solutions as possible. In case we do not provide an integration to the software you are using let us know. In addition to our integrations, we also provide a stand-alone version that can be downloaded for mobile devices.
What is the state of development of the Trackbar and when will be available on the market?
From 8.February on trackbar will be available for pre-order. Shipping will start at the beginning of March. PS: Sign up to our Newsletter to not miss any deals when we are launching.


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